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18H Triton Drive, Rosedale, Auckland 0632


09-476 1010

Dinner buffet time

Fresh vegetable supplied daily

We make it a rule for our boss to purchase fresh vegetables by himself every day. Tha's why we can provide you with more delicious food.

Food of a local Vietnamese chef with 30 years of experience

A restaurant that is better at Vietnamese food than a local restaurant in Vietnam! A team of Vietnamese chefs with 30 years of cooking experience makes their own food.

Steanboat buffet

Our restaurant offers a steamboat (shabu shabu & hot pot) buffet from 5PM. Enjoy more diverse and fresh ingredients.

All menus can be takeaway

All menus sold in our restaurant can be taken away. Rice noodles OK! Steamboat (Hot pot) OK! Vietnamese iced coffee is also OK!

About Us

Vietnames Cuisine Five Star

  • New Zealand Auckland No.1 Vietnamese restaurant!
  • A restaurant that cooks Vietnamese food better than a local restaurant in Vietnam!
  • The parking lot is perfect, and you can use the steamboat buffet in the evening.
  • You can enjoy everything here 
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Five Star's Buffet

Our restaurant offers a steamboat buffet (shabu shabu or hot pot) from 5 p.m. Enjoy an infinite variety of ingredients and fresh meat than a steamboat available for lunch.  Not only hot foods such as chicken, fried rice, stir-fried noodles, and tteokbokki, but also various sauces and desserts. Enjoy another attraction of Five Star. The restaurant is optimized for evening group gatherings and can accommodate up to 70 people. You can park without any congestion. Prices are divided into adults and children (*Five Star Restaurant’s definition of children: ages 3 to 12). We recommend that you make a reservation when you use buffet. Reservations can be given priority to seating arrangements. There is no extra time limit, so if the seats are full, you can wait for a long time. Various alcoholic beverages and BYO services are also available. (Inquiry Request) 

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The steamboat buffet is 05:00pm – 10:00pm. 

The steamboat buffet is available for at least two people. 

The price per person is $32. 

The price of children varies by age (please contact us). 

Contact number: 09-476-1010